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  1. Yeah, I realized that after I posted -- I edited the original to say I figured that out. I can't figure out how to delete the post (or if it's even possible). Thanks for the reply though!
  2. First time posting, but I was unable to find this answer with my Search-fu. I am a DM, working on making maps to hand out to my players. I'm using a very old world I created long ago as the setting, and the maps I made are awesome, but they have just a bit too much info on them, so I'm trying to make a less detailed version of the maps. However, I made the originals years ago and I can't remember how I achieved the outlines around the text and icons on the map. I was wondering if any of you could help me out in reverse-engineering my methods. I did this using Paint.net, and I know I didn't use any plugins because I don't have any installed. The effect in question is the white outline around all of the black text and most of the icons. Any help here would be very much appreciated! EDIT: I figured out the solution, a plugin WAS used, I just did this on a different computer and haven't re-downloaded everything. For those wondering, I used Pyrochild's "Outline Object" plugin. The only issue I have left to figure out is how to delete a post on this site