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  1. 7 hours ago, welshblue said:


    Are you calling BoltBait old  😃 

    When my kids are home I've found myself turning into my parents when I ask, " what is this shi  rubbish"   Music is always subjective.  I bet I'm the only person here who likes this.  But it's amazing on headphones



    I'm not calling him old but he's obviously a lot older than me. I am only 14 years old.

  2. 29 minutes ago, BoltBait said:

    You all need a rap education... and putting on the clinic is:



    Class continues with NWA - F** Da Police.  For homework, listen to Dr. Dre - The Chronic.

    I wasn't born with this music so I can't really force myself to like it. I listen to more hardcore, aggressive music. Old school rap just isn't really my thing. I could understand why you wouldn't like my taste, though, not many people do.

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