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  1. It works great, and I can "File->Open" to open my Kodak .nef files, and edit them & stuff. Thank you! --- But ... I can't right click on the files in Explorer & "open with paint.net". Paint.net doesn't show up in the list or the expanded list of programs that can open .nef files. --- Additionally, if I _do_ click "Look for another app", and explore my way to c:\program files\paint.net\PaintDotNet.exe, nothing happens. The dialog boxes just disappear, and paint.net never opens. ---Any suggestions? [EDIT] Never mind, after opening and closing paint.net two m
  2. This is very useful. In my case I copied something from another document into my current document. The pasted image hasn't been flattened or de-selected yet, but unfortunately I hit "paste" instead of "paste into new layer". I believe photoshop has the ability to convert an un-flattened, un-de-selected selection into a new layer, but when I try clicking "new layer" in this state, it flattens the image first, then gives me a floating outline with no pixels in a new layer, which really isn't very useful. Would be great if when there's a recently-pasted, not-flattened-yet selection, if clicking "
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