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  1. Hy, i made an other post in a different tread bevore i read this now (and understand a bit why you "must" change the Icons),... BUT - i dont have a 4K Monitor (on Laptop) und sure the Rest of the world not everybody have one also - and will have one in the next time as an standard! So i dont understand why you ignore this true and give problems for the rest of the useres with "normal" hardware? It looks so terrible and it is not sharp and bad to see (specially with dark skin) . This isnt something better - this is just sad (for non 4K - Monitor - users). See also the picture what here was postet - is this not a argument? If it is already developed in view of the future, but should at least be the possibility to adjust the old icons for the skin if you do not have 4K resolution available? Please. Regards, Paul (sorry, english isn,t my native language)
  2. Hy, I've been using Paint.Net for many years and think it's the best photo program for smaller, fast, .... work. I can understand that the developers (by the way - thank you for your great work!) do not like when "little things" after an update is fooled around and that's probably always the case (in any program) ... Only I have to say unfortunately that the new icons are really not good! Also not with high resolution and not after a few weeks of use (I did not forget how good the old icons were)! Somehow they look out of focus, yes really unprofessional (?), Sorry ... Especially in the Dark Skin which I love, they are now very bad. The bright skins still work better, but I do not use them. It would be really great if you could also customize the icons for the skin (like can choose the old ones again - which is probably easier than making new icons selectable for different skins). I'm not a friend of updates - and that's exactly why. It is always a surprise what is changed again to the old proven just because a new year has dawned, ... either something else this, or new bugs, .... (and not only related to Paint.Net) - no for each program ( will be developed dead, unfortunately) - just look at Firefox and so on as an example, ... :-( Regards, Paul.