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  1. Perfect that looks good too, I think I have what I need now! I appreciate the help.
  2. Thanks so much. I just installed pyrochild's plugins to get liquify and I think actually gridwarp might be able to do what I want.
  3. That appears to have the same issue. The top of the word is curving along with the bottom. By merging the two layers (one straight and one curved) I can get some middle characters to line up and I can erase the curve from the top, but the left most and right most characters do not line up at all.
  4. Thanks for the reply @Pixey! I have tried Circle Text, unfortunately it seems to curve the entire word. I need only the bottom curved with the top straight.
  5. I want to create the font effect on the philidelphia eagles logo. I have the correct font, but I need the top of the letters straight with the bottom curved like this. I've tried the distort>bulge effect and installed magnifier and powerstretch but they don't allow you to properly control the curve. .