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  1. Hello, Again, thanks a lot ^^ textdiag give me the right metadata for my files, no more doubts ^^ textconv should be good for my needs, i found a little GUI here
  2. Hello null54, Thank you a lot for the update, i tried it last night and that seems to work perfectly ^^ (at least, i have the correct backup options for Normals ^^). I don't tried to use the converted textures yet into the game but i will send you a feedback if something go wrong. About your 2nd reply, i think i said a non sense, i was in error because the exported files were not correctly opened with Paint.net but were correctly opened with the plugin, for BC1 and BC3... so I supposed the format has also been changed... but in fact, they are correctly read by the game if i use the "standard" compression format from paint.net. I have the feeling that they switch to use the sRGB format wich is also probably not managed by the default DDS plugin... In another hand, on your side, have you got a batch processing plugin that can be used with this DDS plugin please ? (you will save my life one more time ^^). Best regards, Have a nice day ^^
  3. Hello, I am currently working on a Fallout76 ReText mod and some formats has been updated by Bethesda... Into FO76 they are mainly using Normal as BC5 Signed and Diffuse as BC3 Signed. Actually this plugin work fine with Fallout 4 textures but not with the new Signed models. The only one plugin i found and working is a plugin for Photoshop CC from Nexus Mod. My Trial version has experied and i don't want to pay 12$ bucks per month just to convert my textures... The working plugin can be found here : https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout76/mods/42 Can you please update your plugins to manage these files ? Thanks a lot, Best Regards,
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