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  1. I've been using Paint.NET for several years and it's been my most used editing software due to one of its feature. The ability to copy and paste a transparent background image into Paint and have the background be transparent. It's an incredibly helpful and time-saving thing that makes me prefer to use Paint.NET to Photoshop for quick editing. For some reason after updating to the latest updates, the transparent backgrounds for pasted images are no longer there, instead just using a black background color like Photoshop does. This is something that has really, really annoyed me due to how used I am to simply pasting a transparent image into Paint, and not have to worry about saving it to my hard drive and loading it in there. I also work as a graphics designer on another forum, with copy and pasting images with transparent backgrounds and resizing them are part of my job. I've tried checking the options and settings in Paint.NET, and I've tried checking this forum for answers. The only thread I could find was someone mentioning this same problem, in which it was shown that pasting via ctrl+shift+v brings back the transparent background unlike ctrl+v, but I have tried this out multiple times and it still gives me the black background. If there's any way to fix this, or if there is an upcoming update that will fix this, please let me know. This is a problem that's genuinely making me consider no longer using Paint.NET.