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  1. Hi pixey I've seen you in other threads I'm just a day old here and a newbie artist Ive been looking for free softwares I could use in game design and Ive read that Paint dot net is quite good compared to vector types though I uninstalled it a couple of times before not knowing i would have much fun experimenting with its features LOL thank you for your help
  2. thanks hyrex i'm a newbie in this but Ive been having much fun experimenting with Paint dot net's features and added features I had this months before but I uninstalled it back then I never knew it would be fun LOL
  3. @Nombot how did you add the face?
  4. Hi guys, I'm new here at Paint dot Net and i find it interesting especially that there are lots of plug ins. I'm just wondering if it's LEGAL for us to use Photoshop's brushes commercially? I was able to access PSD brushes with this plug in: and the site