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  1. Oh @Pixey I've just seen your post - so that is another way to do it. Thank you I'll try your way now. Best wishes Sonya
  2. Thanks everyone I have solved it. I found this tutorial here on how to access glyphs in PaintShop Pro I don't have paint shop pro but it works in my ordinary free Thanks again for your help and especially to @Pixey for offering to wade through that long article. Sonya
  3. @HyReZ thanks - that's the article I have already read but it's not specific to using Canvas font in
  4. Thanks so much @Pixey. I have found the WhichSymbolPlus in the Effects folder and been able to use it so that is good news. As you said though it doesn't help get the extra effects with the Canvas font. I had a quick look at that article link you posted but it's a bit beyond me I'm afraid. Thank you for taking the time to have a look for me. @HyReZ thanks that's where I got the info about the WhichSymbolPlus plug in before I installed it. Many thanks all for your help. Best wishes Sonya
  5. Hi I have downloaded Canvas script to which is a PUA encoded font. The help for the font says you have to use the character map to add the splashes and splats that go in the private area. I read a forum post on here about installing a character map and picked up from that there is a WhichSymbolPlus plug-in available. I have installed this to paint. What I don't know is what to do now. When I click on Canvas script in the font drop down menu on paint the characters appear without the splashes and splats and I can't see how to access the plug in. I am not very tech savvy I am afraid so if you do take the time to reply (thanks) please bear this in mind! Best wishes and thanks Sonya