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  1. 4 hours ago, Ego Eram Reputo said:
    1. Select the new color as your Primary color.
    2. Shift key + magic wand the color you want to replace with Tolerance set to zero.
    3. Hit backspace.

    Thanks, it's more or less worked.


    But how in the world one can guess about holding Shift key and hitting Backspace? The UI has no clue about it.

  2. Great update! Though I have a tiny bug-or-maybe-feature not related to it:


    Start the program. It has the "Paintbrush" tool selected, and black as the primary color and white as the secondary color. The "background" layer is filled white.

    It says "right click to draw with secondary color". Do this. (You may also select white as the primary color and use LMB.)

    As you "draw" with RMB pressed it looks like nothing happens (white on white). The history is empty. But if you try to close the program it asks about saving changes.


    The bottom line: don't ask about saving if the history is empty.

  3. 1 hour ago, HyReZ said:


    You could just put the text cursor in the box and type a number into the space such as a brush width of 21.63

    It will take just a second or two (literally).

    Sure! Also you can use +/- buttons.


    I'm just pointing at some "asymmetry".


    Btw, in the font size dropdown list the current font size stays where it is, not on the top of the list. Just saying.

  4. Let's suppose you have Brush width 20 and you want to change it. If you open its dropdown list, the current value (20) will be on the topmost position. Then, if you want to change 20 to something larger - 50 for example, you just click it, because this new larger value most likely is visible for you already in the dropdown list (which has 30 entries by the way).


    But if you want to change the current value to something lesser, then you have to do an extra step: scroll up by mouse wheel or by dragging scroll bar, because all lesser values aren't visible.


    So, my suggestion is: place the current Brush width value in the center of its dropdown list instead of the topmost position.



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