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  1. Thanks MJW and Rick!! It seems clear that the problem is related to the length calculation for a Spline/Bézier, as considers a straight line as a curve without curvature. I have uploaded 2 screenshots with the latest version of the software: one showing the issue when using inches as unit (the result for the diagonal should be 70,71 instead of 70,30), and a second one using the plugin "Measure selection" (by Martin Osieka) to show that it gives the correct result in the diagonal: 70,71 inches. Rick, thanks again for creating this great software we all love Regards.
  2. Hello and thanks for answering my post! I think you didn't urderstand me well... I know there are 10 pixel, that's ok, but gives you the length of a line while you're drawing it in the status bar, and that's what's wrong. What I am saying is that the value given by the software for the diagonal line (13.73 pixels, you can see it in the status bar in my screenshot with the diagonal line in it) is wrong, as it should be 14.14 pixels for a 10x10 pixel image. I've checked the image with other software and the result is the expected 14.14, so there is a problem with way of calculating the length of a diagonal line. That's what's bothering me
  3. Hello everybody! I am a really satisfied user. I have been using the software for years and it is great, simply the best pixel editor I have tried. Congratulations for your work!! I use the software mainly for pixel counting purposes, and I have recently discovered what I think is a bug or at least a calculation problem. I would like to show it to you using an example: · Attachement number 1: I have created a blank image with a resolution of 10x10 pixels. If I draw a horizontal line (width = 1 pixel) from left to right, the length of the line appears as 10.00 pixels, which is right. · Attachement number 2: If I do the same but with a vertical line, the result is also right: 10.00 pixels. In both cases, the angle is also right (0.00 degrees for the horizontal line, and 90.00 degrees for the vertical line). · Attachement number 3: The problem appear when I am getting the length of a diagonal straight line. Theoretically, a 10x10 pixel resolution image needs to have a diagonal length of 14.14 pixels (calculated using the Pythagorean theorem), but is giving always a lower value. Although the angle is perfectly fixed at 45.00 degrees, the length value is 13.73 pixels instead of the calculated 14.14 we would have expected, so that is what is bothering me. I have tried the same approach in similar programs and I obtain the expected 14.14 pixel length when measuring that diagonal. I would really appreciate your opinions. Thanks!!