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  1. I've done that when pixey suggest it. It took quite a while to download but it said it had downloaded succesfully. I'll try to get more details. Give me a couple of minutes. As far as I could find it installed 4.8 succesfully, I can't seem to find it tho, unlike 4.6.1 or other versions I can't find it anywhere. If I want to download 4.8 it says that I already have it. I also used a windows NET framework repair tool, didn't seem do anything.
  2. I deleted it, did nothing, then I did an PdnRepair and we're back to the original error.
  3. I've tried both @Pixey's and @toe_head2001's solution. Pixey's solution didn't work sadly, I've done everything the guide said and none worked. The old error is gone but I got a new one instaid of a repair option. I tried to use the PdnRepair which then got me the original error. This is the current error I'm dealing with: (I removed PaintDotNet.exe.config) Translated: the configuration setting appsettings contains an unexpected declaration
  4. Hello everyone! Wanted to open paint.net yesterday and I suddenly got: I was deleting stuff from my pc so I assumed I might have deleted a file from paint.net by accident. I've tried to reinstall paint after removing everything on my pc with the name 'paint.net'. At first it didn't want to install at all, I managed to fix that by reinstalling the 4.7.2 .NET framework. I've also tried using PndRepair, didn't work. I'm using windows 10. Did I not install 4.7.2 correctly? Or did the installation of paint.net not go well? Any help would be appreciated!