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  1. Hmm… Tried to run optipng.exe manually in Command prompt window. When converting PNG->PNG, the program always keeps the original resolution, no matter -preserve option present or not, and rewriting the same or writing to the new file. When converting BMP->PNG, the program never keeps the original resolution, no matter -preserve option present etc. And with TIF-file it returns an error: "Unsupported compression in TIFF file". However, when converting any file, even PNG, with the Paint.NET's OptiPNG plugin, in never keeps the resolution. The only workaround I see now for myself, is to save the file from Paint.NET with its standard PNG-converter, and then compress it by calling optipng.exe manually (e.g. by Windows context menu command).
  2. Thanks for the link to OptiPMG manual. Probably the right option is −preserve (Preserve file attributes (time stamps, file access rights, etc.) where applicable.) However I did not found this option in Paint.NET OptiPNG file save dialog; and I don't know how to activate it another way.
  3. How to make OptiPNG plugin NOT to change file rezolution during save?