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  1. Ego Eram Reputo I tried saving to 16-bit BMP and TIFF with different settings of Transparency from 0 to 255 in the save dialogue, the result does not change. The dithering appears constantly only for 16-bit, not for 256 or 16 color. UPD: Tried on the other PC with Windows 7 64-bit, Paint.NET 4.0.19, downloaded the LowColor plugin just now — the same dithering always present. UPD2: Pardon, probably you've meant the Transparency property of the layer in the Paint.NET itself. It was always 255 (not transparent).
  2. Hello. I got an issue: when saving images to 16-bit BMP or TIFF, they always become dithered, despite of setting Dither = 0 in the save dialogue. Can it be fixed, please. I'm using Paint.NET 4.1.6, Windows 7 32bit. Attaching the sample original and converted-to-16bit image. BMP_to_16bit_sample.zip
  3. Hmm… Tried to run optipng.exe manually in Command prompt window. When converting PNG->PNG, the program always keeps the original resolution, no matter -preserve option present or not, and rewriting the same or writing to the new file. When converting BMP->PNG, the program never keeps the original resolution, no matter -preserve option present etc. And with TIF-file it returns an error: "Unsupported compression in TIFF file". However, when converting any file, even PNG, with the Paint.NET's OptiPNG plugin, in never keeps the resolution. The
  4. Thanks for the link to OptiPMG manual. Probably the right option is −preserve (Preserve file attributes (time stamps, file access rights, etc.) where applicable.) However I did not found this option in Paint.NET OptiPNG file save dialog; and I don't know how to activate it another way.
  5. How to make OptiPNG plugin NOT to change file rezolution during save?
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