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  1. Hi everyone! I have some problem I want to, like this: 1/create a pattern 2/ fill it Please help me find plugin usefull (some plugin is obsolescent ) Thankyou!!!
  2. Hi everyone! have plug-in text box like photoshop?? like this: (to leave the text only in the box ) Please help me!!! I real need it! Thankyou!!!
  3. Hi everyone! I have some problem, like this: *Pic 1 it have many dots, I use Brightness/Contrast: Brightness: 0, Contrast: 10 *So Pic 1 into Pic 2 *But Pic 3 into Pic 4 too *Pic 4 have some white stripes, it's hard to see (Pic 1,3 in the same pic) (Pic 2,4 in the same pic) Please help me! Thankyou!
  4. Hi, everyone!!! I have some problem. Please help me!!! How i can do this? Thankyou!!!!
  5. Thankyou, but i don't know how to stroke... like this
  6. Hi, everyone!!! Problem 1: I have a problem with the picture I want to edit ( The first picture is the one I have The second picture is that I open, do nothing, then save it, and it has lots of NOISE (is many tiny dots) Problem 2: can "vertical", "rotate", "stroke" text??? Everyone help me Thank you!!!