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  1. Thanks for the responses. I'll give the "portable mode in 4.0.17" method a try. Joe
  2. Yes, f: is visible as an option when I browse in the installer. But when I select it, the "Next" button is disabled.
  3. It is a removable drive. Almost all other apps allow installation on a removable drive. So it's obviously not a Windows restriction. Why not Paint.NET?
  4. I'm trying to install 4.1.6 into a custom folder on my f: drive. The 4.1.6 installer won't accept that. I've tried a ton of things. But the easiest reproduce-able sequence is to switch "c:" with "f:" on the folder selection screen. With c:, Next is enabled. But as soon as I change it to f:, the Next button is disabled. Current Windows 10