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  1. Something like this? O.o Or this? I suck at using the magic wand. XD
  2. How did you merge them keeping the color in the boxes?
  3. Nfo. XD Anyways, I can't get it to look right. Which layers do I merge after the background is grey-scale and as bright as I want it?
  4. Also, Hyrez...what do I do after grey-scaling it? I tried using curves...but didn't get much from it. Is there any chance you could do a tutorial for me on how you did yours?
  5. \ The background pic is just to dark. Bah. Also, thanks welshblue for the suggestion.
  6. I definitely want something like this. It looks amazing.
  7. Ohhh, I like that. Also, np Woodsy. I will try that next!!
  8. Ohhh, thanks for the advice Bolt.
  9. Ok, here is my attempt using HyReZ's way. I guess I just can't make anything that dainty. XD
  10. isn't horrible. XD Thank you BoltBait for the help. Edit: I just need to figure out how to make it look neater and more boxes. XD Ok, I tried again. Hmmm.
  11. How would I achieve this effect in PDN? I want to learn how to make the boxed look basically. -Sonoroho