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  1. Thanks Ill submit it at 96 and see what the print house say
  2. Thank you, I'll see about altering the image. Thanks for your swift reply!
  3. Thank you , that's one question out of the way. Prob lots more lol
  4. I am trying to design an image to have printed on t shrts. New to and I cant figure out the dimensions when I try to create a new image. the print company would like the design to be a maximum of 32 x 50 cm - 300 PPI png. The problem I have is when I input the print size of 30 x 50 cm, the resolution and pixel size is auto adjusting to al sorts of numbers! The logo I am creating just now will fit on a print area of 9 inches x 3 inches. But when I input the 300 dpi it alters the print size.
  5. hello I am looking at having some t shirts printed and the print company has asked that I upload the design in RGB mode. Admittedly I am very new to creating designs and paint,net seems the most user friendly for beginners. I have created the image but how do i know if it is rgb? Is it a default setting? Thanks