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  1. @Pixey I am sorry to ask , I have been reading the threads on this and I am having the same issues you had , did you have to go into folder and delete your old Circle Text plug in ? and then install the new circle text plugin . thank you so much for your help
  2. Thank you Pixey - your have been very helpful and kind thank you so much
  3. Is there a Plug in that will allow you to text in the direction of a smiley face ( the lower part of a circle ) left to right , not upside down ? thank you
  4. Good day I am new , first topic posted , I searched but could not find the answer . I can text in a circle and need to know how to make the lower text of the circle to flip up right and be readable . Please help and forgive me if this has all ready been discussed just point me in the right direction . thank you so much for the help