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  1. I don't know - I'll have to check later when I get home Just tried the Neon Edges plug in at work and it worked perfectly as expected, so I guess it's just some configuration mess going on at home :(
  2. Argh this had me really excited for a solution - especially as the DLLs were actually blocked! But no joy I might try on my work computer to see if it's something to do with running Windows on a Bootcamped Mac...
  3. Yeah that's exactly the folder structure I have and exactly what I was expecting to see - but I'm not. I've just tried copying the App Files folder into all user document folders (mine, default, default.migrated and public) but no joy in any Is there a boot log so I can see any further info?
  4. FYI the plug-ins I've tried are: And this was the original plug in that started my evening of fruitless joy
  5. Hi! I'm loving for all my image editing needs - it's finally dislodged Paint Shop Pro as my go to art package, I've been clinging to that since the 90s lol However, I've just tried to install a plug in with no joy. I'm using a store bought version (4.1.5) on Windows 10, so have set up the folders C:\Users\<ME>\Documents\ App Files\FileTypes etc But the plug-in isn't working. As a test I've installed some effect plug-ins as well but they aren't showing up either I can't see a plug-in loading tab in settings to check for errors What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance!