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  1. Is this done at the OS level, or within PDN? I am new to PDN so not sure on this. Thanks!
  2. Yes, this is what I have resorted to for now. It works fine. It would just be a little easier to open it to a preset size every time. Thanks!
  3. Hey everyone, I looked under the settings menu/dialogue, and I can't find where to change the default canvas size. I found a bunch of other things to change, like the font, brush size, etc. I primarily work in the video media world, and need to create all of my graphics in 16:9 format - preferably in 1920x1080. I would very much love for PDN to open with a 1920x1080 canvas every time so I can get to editing immediately, instead of having to change it every time. If this doesn't exist, how do I request it as a feature, or contribute some code to make it happen? Thanks!
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