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  1. Holy cow YES you guys NAILED it. Thank you so much for taking the time to add your replies! I am grateful and relieved to know about this! I personally wouldn't care about losing that 1 or 2 pixels of information in the file properties of my images, but customers are a different matter, if I say this thing is 300 dpi and they see 297 or so then they will leave bad reviews thinking they aren't getting what they paid for. Thank you Rick, slushing! lol. I never heard of dots per meter! Zangna for also confirming what's been going on. I am totally looking into Irfanview to resize my next batch of images. Thank you so much. Thank you HyRez, I appreciate your testing! I was feeling pretty demoralized thinking I messed up almost 3000 images. lol. Knowing it's just a little glitch feels great. You all made my day. 👍 👍👍
  2. HyReZ, hi and thank you so much for your thoughts. I must have messed things up somehow without realizing. The pixels remain the same thankfully. I created a template of sorts with 300 dpi at the proper size to create my images in PDN from scratch, the only thing I can assume is that going from PNG to JPG changed things. I may just need to recreate the images, or try converting back to PNG and see what happens.
  3. Many thanks for taking the time to reply. Very appreciated. I didn't know about being able to convert files in batches, that's very helpful!
  4. Hello all 😁 I would really love some ideas on what's causing this before I lose the rest of my mind...haha. I created original images at 2400 by 3000 pixels, 8 by 10"...and in PNG. I changed the images to JPG to lower the file size for Etsy listings. If I go an reopen a file in paint net, the resolution drops from 300 to 299, and the size goes to 8.03 by 10.03. The pixel size stays correct at 2400 by 3000. I have gone through each of my JPG 3000 images, checking every one, adjusting the resolution back to 300, and the size to 8 by 10 as they were when created. If I open them later on, many of them are back to 299 resolution, and 8.03 by 10.03. I really do not understand this. I need to send customers the 300 resolution for an 8 by 10" size. Can someone please help me..? I don't care if they are PNG or JPG, I just want to be able to send a customer an 8 by 10", 2400 by 3000 pixel, 300 dpi file as they were created. Thank you so much for any help, I do appreciate it!