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  1. I've tried to search for a plugin (on any software) that could revert scans of printed images (print dots) back to flat colors - close the original image used in printing. So far I've been unlucky, I might be using wrong words when searching. Something where you could for example input the dpi of the scanned image and/or the dpi of the print. Based on those values, the plugin would calculate surrounding areas of points and turn them into flat colors - blended with other colors. Is or would such stuff be possible? Does such plugin exist on paint.net or anywhere? I know that opposite stuff exist which creates such dots to pictures. My issues is with high resolution scans, 2400dpi or above. If I try to use (scale them down) anywhere, the image starts to form different patterns based on the software doing the scaling. Paint.net for example creates these uneven circle patterns. Resulting the high resolution image look worse than lower quality scan. Any solutions to this issue? Thanks!