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  1. Hi Rick, curious if there has been any progress made on this in the recent Paint.NET builds? I've come across a 4:4:4 image that is beautiful, when edited and "saved" by Paint.NET it drops the quality down to 4:2:0 with no option to preserve the bits. It's a crazy complex image and the downgrade is quite noticeable. I've tried the OptiPNG-file-type-plugin but found that through several trials with different settings, the quality is preserved (awesome!) but the file size is not reduced relative to a standard PNG file. Original File: 4:4:4 ~ 5mb Save as JPG (100%): 4:2:0 ~ 3.5mb Edit, Save as PNG ~ 11mb Save with OptiPNG ~ 11mb ... so, curious about the 4:4:4 option and when this might be made available? If nothing else, I'm a little concerned now in learning that Paint.NET doesn't AT LEAST preserve the original JPG settings when re-saving ... even when selecting the 100% setting in the save-as dialogue. Thoughts?
  2. Curious if the ==> 2014-05-04 8.1 Pack <== is the latest version of the plug-in pack? Through my initial searching, I haven't found any update beyond this, but I might not be searching everywhere. * apologies for violating rule #2 here as I replied on the heels of all of the former discussion ... I can't seem to find a "delete" option to remedy this problem and re-direct my question ** having a clearer release notes version history might help avoid questions like mine here today ... it appears that different plug-in producers are following different release management processes within the forums so thank you for your patience with me on this question 👍
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