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  1. Okay.. but two persons.. doesn't see a SS .. but okay i download new version
  2. But I click color sheme and I haven't got a dark (black) I add SS
  3. Hey , I have a problem.. i have white theme in paint.net but before uninstall I have dark theme.. I can't have dark theme now.. i dunno why , I change a theme windows black , I haven't a black theme in paint.net Yes.. I use paint.net with Polish Language Jasny - white , light , bright.. a lot of translation Niebieski - blue ScreenShot: https://imgur.com/a/XFxWJgN
  4. My problem is very.. diffrent? I don't know ,how I did it but my program (paint.net) he began to behave strangely , i want to uninstall.. picture: https://imgur.com/f9xZPrZ I want to repair, picture:https://imgur.com/k6ndxSB I don't know what to do now Please Help Yes.. i use polish windows..
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