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  1. Thank you very much! Is the effect I was looking for. Your image is fantastic! Just missing 1 key, the high C, otherwise would be exactly what I want, I'll try to use Andrew's method and post the result! Nooo haha that's what's wrong with all the images I've found, a full piano has 88 keys, organized in 7 octaves, or sets of 12 (from C to the next C), of this sets 7 keys are white and 5 are black, the black ones being in that 2/3/2/3 pattern, but you still have 4 more keys, A, A# and B on the low end before the first C, and another C on the top, Making it 88 keys, like the linear piano I sent in my first post. Treating this mathematically is far beyond my capabilities, but I'll try the first method you suggested, thank you!
  2. Hello everyone! English is not my native language so sorry for the mistakes. I want to bend a 88 key piano image into a circle, I need the circle for a project, all the images that I've found have a wrong disposition, I have attached two images, the first is an example of the image I want to bend (is a better res image but like this one), the second is the result I want to get but the keys are wrong as in all the rest. I really am not proficient with design programs, is there any way I can bend this image into a perfect circle? Thanks in advance.