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  1. Hoping someone recognises this effect & can point me in the right direction. So the computer tech put a new hard drive in my pc without asking! Even though I had whole images, backups, etc, I still lost heaps of work & software. One of the casualties was Paint.Net But my pc was still running perfectly in safe mode so I could still do work on it. Had I been told he would put a new hard drive I could have taken many screen shots of the drop down menus in my Paint Adjustments & Effects lists so I knew what to import again later. Some of the plug-ins I have since found again but I can't remember the name of this tool but I think it is a older warp tool. Here is an image I made with it. It was just a photo of a brightly coloured bird but I turned it into this lovely thing. reduced digital art slice 1.jpg Several years ago I did download a package of effects tools but its name & creator are unknown to me now.