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  1. Having only just discovered this application , what a marvelous repository this plugins page and in particular what brilliant work you do! Thank you sincerely JP
  2. Hello! Firstly I'll just say I love your program.The last month or so using it has been great fun. Reading some of the other posts I can tell a lot of folks use PDN for serious productivity tasks, well not me.I use it mostly as a gigantic coloring book on my W10 2 in 1 mainly using a Wacom Bamboo stylus. Anyway my question , or comment is that I hate how hard it is to click those tiny icons (pen, eraser, color swatches) well pretty much all of them...Am I missing something ? Is there a way to enlarge these? Again thank you so much for this program. I paid for it and would pay for it again if I had too. The buttons are just tiny . LOL JP