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  1. Firstly, excellent program! I do have a #1 nitpick, however. When I click on the font size (which I do thousands of times a year, editing lots of images) -- and then move my hands off the mouse to type a new font size (edit the number) -- the focus gets unexpectedly lost. I finally figured out why; 1. I click on font size 2. When I release the mouse to move my hands to the keyboard to type a font size number, I often accidentally move the mouse pointer towards the thumbnails. The "mouseover" event of the thumbnails (even without a click) steals focus away from the fontsize textbox Steps to reproduce Click the font size number Move the mouse pointer around You'll notice that mouseover on all buttons and menus won't interfere (still able to type a new font size number) You'll notice that mouseover on the thumbnails will cause the focus to get lost (unable to type a new font size number) This is all done without clicking --> My mouse sensitivity is cranked very high (intentionally, because I prefer that). So often when I move my hands from the mouse to the keyboard, the mouse cursor gets bumped briefly (in the direction opposite the motion of my hand moving towards keyboard -- aka a slight mouse push-away when I release the mouse -- coincidentially the direction towards the thumbnails - "for every action there's an opposite reaction"). --> Which means I end up hundreds of times -- seemingly randomly -- being unexpectedly unable to edit the font size some of the time -- I didn't know why that happened randomly, until I finally figured it out. Until then, I just kept trying over and over till it worked (sometimes needed a 3rd try). So here's my bug report --> You know those everyday mysterious "Why did my computer just do that..." moments that keeps happening hundreds of times for years? Same thing -- this is one of them for me, specific to .... Hope this is a simple fix. Good software, and keep it up! Cheers, Mark Rejhon