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  1. In the latest PDN update were changed old cool skeuomorphic icons to the new flat, and... they're looking ugly (this is my opinion, I do not want to offend anyone), so how can I bring old icons back (without coming back on older versions, of course)? And if I can't restore them now, will be something like old-new icons switcher in the 4.1.6 (or, at least, 4.2) release?
  2. Why Small Fonts, System and Terminal fonts are unavailable in the font menu? And how to make them available in PDN 4.1.5 on Win7 x64?
  3. Thanks, problem solved by reinstalling the Windows.
  4. Thanks for utility :3, but I think it's just hidden paint.net from "Programs and Components" because it's not solved a problem with crashing installator
  5. The PaintDotNet on my PC is started crashing, and I removed that by deleting its folder, but it's not gone after that (from "Programs and Components" menu) When I trying to uninstall PDN, appears this (pic. 1, a) error. The "Restore" button isn't so helpful too (pic. 1, b) Install a new copy if PaintDotNet is impossible too: installator just crashes (pic. 2, a) I tried to install that from the %temp%/PdnInstall folder, but it's crasher too with new strange error (pic. 2, b) Also, I tried to remove PaintDotNet using Bulk bloody potato Uninstaller, but it's failed too So, how I can remove PDN from my PC (without reinstalling Windows)? Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit