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  1. The PaintDotNet on my PC is started crashing, and I removed that by deleting its folder, but it's not gone after that (from "Programs and Components" menu) When I trying to uninstall PDN, appears this (pic. 1, a) error. The "Restore" button isn't so helpful too (pic. 1, b) Install a new copy if PaintDotNet is impossible too: installator just crashes (pic. 2, a) I tried to install that from the %temp%/PdnInstall folder, but it's crasher too with new strange error (pic. 2, b) Also, I tried to remove PaintDotNet using Bulk bloody potato Uninstaller, but it's failed too So, how I can remove PDN from my PC (without reinstalling Windows)? Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
  2. Vovan29

    Can't uninstall PDN

    Thanks for utility :3, but I think it's just hidden paint.net from "Programs and Components" because it's not solved a problem with crashing installator