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  1. Why does Microsoft Store version of PaintDotNet requires at least Windows 10 1507? What if I want to install PDN on Windows 8.1 (Windows 8.0 is not supported anymore) which also has a store in it?
  2. Sometimes it can be hard to see the image with defaulft alpha grid colours... My suggestion is to add an "Manage alpha grid color" button on the "Colors" window [pdna01.png] It allows you to quickly select one of 3 patterns - "White grid" (currently used), "Dark grid" (original pattern with dark colours used) and "Plain gray" (both light and dark grid parts have the same gray colour so alpha channel shows just as plain gray colour) [pdna02.png] - or use your own - just enter hex colours of dark and light grid parts in a window and press "OK". [pdna03.png]
  3. A very simple yet useful tweak (especially for pixel artists). Can be turned on/off near the zoom scale or by the Ctrl-Shift-+ keyboard shortcut. When enabled, all the pictures will have the same zoom percent and offset: unfortunately pdn forums requires pictures to have VERY small size (256kb for attached files IN TOTAL? really?), so here's imgbb links: Example picture 1 (GZ off): https://ibb.co/hX5mr4R Example picture 2 (GZ on): https://ibb.co/rQd6f0Y
  4. Here's Windows XP's Paint, it also pastes it just fine. But why PDN can't? does this mean it recognizes it as WebP and ignores PNG becuase of this? And paint is just too old to even recognoze what .webp is so it pastes image correctly?
  5. Yes, preview picture is not bugged. In my previous reply I meant click it with left mouse button (it opens a link with bugged png, which also can be found in the original post)
  6. OK, I updated my PDN to 4.2.15 (it seems it was released a few minutes after my post), but the bug is still there It's official theme called "Aero Lite". It doesn't affects PDN since I remember I also had this bug when I was using default theme.
  7. Yes, for some reason these 2 pictures are the same. Link without additional symbols copies only compressed version, but if you open it through this link https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/File:Launcher_Alex_Texture.png (left click on the preview to open the puciture), it will be bugged The bug is also presented on Firefox 85, so it's probably related to the way Firefox copies pictures (Microsoft Edge copies the picture without any bugs)
  8. This is a very odd bug - some .png files get .jpg-like compression (and sometimes drop transparency) while copied and pasted to PaintDotNet Example: https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/minecraft_gamepedia/images/0/0c/Launcher_Alex_Texture.png/revision/latest?cb=20200819175304 Here's this picture copied and pasted from Mozilla Firefox 87 on Windows 10 (20H2) to Paint and PaintDotNet: As you can see, picture looks good in Paint (it has black background since Paint doesn't support transparency), but gets oddly compressed in PaintDotNet
  9. In the latest PDN update were changed old cool skeuomorphic icons to the new flat, and... they're looking ugly (this is my opinion, I do not want to offend anyone), so how can I bring old icons back (without coming back on older versions, of course)? And if I can't restore them now, will be something like old-new icons switcher in the 4.1.6 (or, at least, 4.2) release?
  10. Why Small Fonts, System and Terminal fonts are unavailable in the font menu? And how to make them available in PDN 4.1.5 on Win7 x64?
  11. The PaintDotNet on my PC is started crashing, and I removed that by deleting its folder, but it's not gone after that (from "Programs and Components" menu) When I trying to uninstall PDN, appears this (pic. 1, a) error. The "Restore" button isn't so helpful too (pic. 1, b) Install a new copy if PaintDotNet is impossible too: installator just crashes (pic. 2, a) I tried to install that from the %temp%/PdnInstall folder, but it's crasher too with new strange error (pic. 2, b) Also, I tried to remove PaintDotNet using Bulk bloody potato Uninstaller, but
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