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  1. I Hope so, because if not, well, that's Fine. I can always learn how to Code my Own Texture Making Plugins in the Future.
  2. Hello there. I was Wondering about what if we could Generate Textures in some sort of Plugin Pack, Like in this Program Called Texture Maker. Link to Tour: http://www.texturemaker.com/tour.php For One, we could Generate Scratch Noise and Rectangles, to have some Nice Base Metals for Other Metal Related Textures. Generators: http://www.texturemaker.com/help/functions/overview_generator.htm But Also, we could have Features from Wally in this Plugin Pack, Like a Scratch Tool, Bullet Hole Tool, and Even a Rivet Tool, so Rivets, Bolts, and Corrugation can be Placed on your Textures. Link to Wally: http://www.quaketastic.com/files/tools/wally_155.B.zip Hopefully, someone can do these Ideas, and Share it with the Paint.net Texture Designing World!