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  1. Very many thanks for the responses to my posting. A dose of the flu has set me back somewhat and I don't have the strength to get the plugin at the moment - It all looks a bit complicated but I will investigate the printer software further although at the moment I don't know where to start. I had found the "fit to print" button but disabling it appeared to make matters worse rather than better! Hey Ho! On we go! Thanks again for your input.
  2. I want to print a collage on an A4 sheet (11.5 x 8 inches (UK). I am using latest Paint.net on Windows 10 and have a BrotherJ56200W printer. I start by re-sizing background to A4 and arrange my collage, using layers, and then saving as.pdn. I flatten image before asking it to be printed but although I ask for A4 on printer it cuts off heads along the top or feet off the lower edge. When I insert 11.5" as width the height goes to 8.63 and not 8" and somehow I feel this is where I'm is going wrong. It shows correctly on screen. I have tried a with the pixels too. I have read the excellent tutorial on DPI but am not clever enough to translate this into filling in the print box.