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  1. I'm just going to comment that this is the plugin to use if looking for the old rect2polar or polar2rect plugins as when searching those terms this didn't show up... Now, let this drop back down the forum...
  2. Neat trick welshblue, while not what I was seeking, that looks decent and might be of some use, but it doesn't fulfill my desire for a sharper circle... And for that matter a more even one (one with more rotational symmetry than the xor exercise proves these have).
  3. Ok, so A has a 1 pixel width circle made the "normal" way, it is untidy... B is a circle made with a 2 pixel width circle with a half overlap of a white circle to halve it's thickness. C is a circle made by screen capturing the outline of the paint brush when appropriately sized... And D is a paint brush making a solid black circle, reducing the size by 2 digits and making a white circle, to leave a black outline... The bottom half circles are copies of the above circles with the bottom half copied, rotated, inverted and put in an xor layer, this cancels much of the image, but I believe if it were Identical it would be blank, showing only white... I used this to show the differences between the 2 halves, which are worse on C... But never perfect surprisingly.
  4. For some reason I had trouble logging in... Created another account... Toe_head2001, I am not talking about the diameter of the circle, but the width of the line... I never said diameter or radius... HyRez also seemed to misunderstand in the same fashion... I am talking about a circle outline. BTW, I have learned that my solution is decent, but not perfect due to some abnormality in the circle outline of the brush. The top is a little fuzzy and not the same as the bottom of the circle. Also you have to use an even number for the brush size... I tried copying, inverting and flipping the bottom in an xor layer, and when superimposed on the top it didn't all cancel out as it should have. I suspect the other soultion doesn't have this issue... But there is still a catch, unless you zoom in (which kills the first solution) you can only have odd numbered circle diameters, as there must be a center pixel with this solution, it does not work for circles without a single center pixel.