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  1. Please don't presume what? I understand how difficult maintaining vast swaths of code can be, but come on, you think implementing a save preset is hard? lol.
  2. Too bad. Its little features like this that make a big difference. Something like this would not be hard to implement. In any case, thanks for the replies.
  3. I appreciate all the information in the replies. This thread got a bit off topic though. I was, and still am, wondering if there is a way to change the default output format of files form PDN. As posted by another user, it would be quite helpful.
  4. well it looks like there is no option to convert to .dds using infranview.. Big pain here. Is there no way to set the default save type? It would save people time.
  5. I guess I'll have to use infranview if there is no way to change the default save type with PDN. Thanks
  6. I am editing hundreds of photos, having to convert them to TIFF. It would be handy if TIFF was the default format to save to )other times I need .dds format to save to) Is there a way for users to get paint.net to change the default save type? I saw someone else ask for this (but asked for JEPG) and was rejected on the basis that JPEG loses quality. As this wouldn't be the case for TIFF and other lossless formats is there a way to go about this?
  7. i have a folder with a few hundred images, both in .tga and .dds format. I need to resize all the images to the same dimensions and wondered if it were possible to do this in some kind of batch edit that would apply the changes to all files? I searched for some key words on automate (which doesnt seem to have anything for PD net). Thank you!
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