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  1. Is there an add-on available that will do airbrushing for inside paint.net?
  2. I use paint.net as my main graphics tool, so I have my association to open any graphic file set to paint.net, solely for this reason. However in Windows 11 Explorer I need to see the file type extension displayed as, .jpg, .png, .tiff, .bmp, etc., - NOT as the generic "paint.net Image". Because I use a large number of different photo types, and I need to sort by file extension type in Windows Explorer. Is there a way to change a setting so Windows will display the correct file extension, instead of the generic "paint.net Image" even though I use paint.net? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the help Ego and Reptilian, I will take a look!
  4. This is related to this thread. I'm looking for resize functionality like this: 1. The ability to take a single image, (PNG transparent/opaque or JPG) and specify a range of sizes to resize to (e.g., 512x512, 256x256, 50x50…….20x20, etc.) 2. BATCH resize those images AND have the newly batched images retain the dpi of the original image. 3. It would be great if it could also include a user-defined rename of each new batched image that matches its new size (e.g., icon_512, or icon_20x20) as part of the batch process, but that is not as critical as steps 1 & 2. To date, I’ve been unable to find anything with this kind of functionality. Photoshop, Corel, and a host of other web-based apps or freeware apps don’t seem to do it. The closest I found was a web site https://derivv.com/ - which allows for #1 above, but it doesn’t retain the dpi of the original image through the batched results. Right now with Paint.net I take the original image, 1) resize it, 2) rename it, 3) go back to the original image , 4)resize to the next size in the list, and 5) so on and so on... This way I can retain the dpi form the largest image all the way down to the smallest, but needless to say it's time-consuming and prone to mistakes. Any Paint.net plugins that currently do this? Or any other products you know of that do it? I’d greatly appreciate your feedback.
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