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  1. uuups, didn't find it. thanks a lot for explaining it to me and developing this great plugin! 😃
  2. I love this plugin, thanks a lot! What would it make even better for me, would be and x- and y-coordinate field for every of the 4 corners where I can set the exact values, where I want them to be. Like this, fine tuning would be much easier and more exact. I mean something like the fields we have in rotate for the 3 axes, but of course for Distort This there would be 8 such fields (2 for each corner)
  3. perfect, much easier to do it like this! Thank you very much!
  4. Hi everybody I want to put my homepage inside this ipad So I made a printscreen of the homepage and tried to fit it for like an hour but it didn't really work. I know, this should be possible with the rotate-tool, but I can't figure out the proper values. How do you achieve this? Thanks a lot! Marc