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  1. How do you make a source layer? Or can it automatically make one from a highlighted selection? Sorry, I haven't been active on using paint.net recently. If it doesn't make a source layer for ClipWarp from a selected shape, then that would be my suggestion for your plugin.
  2. The closest thing I could find is SquirkleWarp, which is limited to circles, diamonds, and squares. What I want is a plugin that allows you to select any shape and make a warping effect around it and be able to set the effect radius and refraction level. I should post a plugin request. Where do I do that?
  3. Gravitational lensing actually warps the light of stars around a black hole, unlike the picture you made. If you read the original post, I want to do this around a different shape (the shape of a person). I am making a meme and I will show it off here when this is solved.
  4. The pictures that both of you showed are what I call transparent silhouettes. What I mean by "gravitational" lensing is that the light bends around it in the same fashion it does around a black hole. An example of this "realistic" cloak effect would be where a ball starts showing gravitational lensing and appears to shrink as light is bending around it. Here's a picture of gravitational lensing around a black hole: I would believe a "realistic" cloaking effect would look like it's shrinking in a distorted way with gravtiational lensing around it.
  5. I'm wanting to make a realistic invisibility cloak effect. Instead of it being a transparent silhouette, I want to make it so that there's a gravitational lensing effect that actually looks like light is being bent around an object, but I don't know how to do it around a shape other than a circle. I need to do it around a person. Will someone tell me how, show me a plugin that does, or make a plugin for it?