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  1. Thank-you very kindly, Folks In what I can only describe as a classic (Duh!) senior moment, I pondered whether the software Nikon (ViewNX 2) gave me with my camera would do what I wanted. It does. And very well. Not quite, but almost perfectly.
  2. Well... poo. Is there anything else that can do it? EDIT: Selecting the images and printing is a Contact Sheet sort of world's. But it leaves a huge border.
  3. I use the 7-step process posted on Lifewire for greeting cards to make crude postcards. It takes me awhile, but I can muddle through and achieve usable results. The problem for me is it takes a toll on my arthritic wrist, so I looking for any way to streamline the process. Does anyone know of a macro or batch processing way the drop four (correctly and pre-formatted) images onto an 8-1/2x11 template and have them fit in the four pre-defines spaces? Does this make sense? Am I making it more difficult than I need to?