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  1. Thanks for the reply xod. Pasting other parts of the scan is one of the way to do it, but I get unsatisfactory results. At least to my own taste with my current testing. I am scanning very old documents that includes signs, writings and signatures. The most subtle misalignement get's visible. I was hoping for a plugin that would analyse the "bits behind each scan" to align them with precision... Not sure I get my wording correct here. Will continue to do the alignement manually, maybe I will get better at it. Regards.
  2. Hi all! As the subjet states, I wan't to "re assemble" a large picture from multiple scans. No effect desired else than re assembling the picture correctly. Picture was too large for my scanner, I had to give it 4 pass. Not sure what terminology to use to search the forum. I tought "stitches" was the word but it brings me to textures... Using Paint Dot Net 4.2.1 All help will be appreciated.
  3. Off topic I know, also fairly new to PDN and art work. Out of curiosity. Don't you loose "quality" when sizing down and then resizing up a picture? I mean... There are less pixels in the smaller image... No? Always had that impression... Thank's.
  4. Hi again, Still clearing background of pictures... Getting better at it I must say. Sometimes I just need to clear some edges by hand. At least the human eye is still a necessity. ? Out of selecting individual dots and then inverting the selection (Ctrl+I) to delete the background I just can't seem to be able to clean edges correctly. At least not without leaving semi-transparent dots behind. Is there a way to tell the Eraser to be a "good little eraser"? Not to leave semi-transparent dots at the edges? Did try with
  5. In such cases I copy - paste from the original picture, same zoom, then work on that small portion of the picture. Slowly finding my way around it. Noted, thanks!
  6. Yep, saw that at 1000 zoom with Kill Color Keeper. Gee... Semi-transparent skin on the arms... Cut Color leaves "strange spots" here and there... Saw that when putting the picture on a dark red background. I'm currently testing your first suggestion @MJW. For now HSV Eraser gives a nice result with lasso selection. Just need to understand what I'm doing. Current settings I am using: Cheers!
  7. Shift+PrintScreen, then open a new picture in PDN. Offers directly the resolution of the screen. Then paste... VoilĂ ! I have OneNote installed for business needs. Same thing, I can paste it in PDN. Yes... You must open PDN.
  8. Still testing Cut Color, HSV Eraser and Kill Color Keeper. Each one is interesting in his own way "if I select the part of the picture to be processed". I can easely live with having to select hair to get it free of white background spots. Up to now Kill Color Keeper (RGB at 255 and tolerance to 20) is the one giving me the best "easy" results. No selection, I process the whole picture to remove the white background. Get's the hair free of white spots at the same time. But then... Does it affect the subject colors in any matter? Not from
  9. I already have all of Boltbait plugins installed. Just don't see what Remove Dust does. ? HSV Eraser looks very interesting. I will explore. Reading the HSV Eraser topic got me to Grim Color Reaper and Cut Color. Grim Color Reaper was updated by Kill Color Keeper. HSV Eraser, Kill Color Keeper, Cut Color. I have plenty to play with and test. Remove Dust... I need to try & understand the plugin. Reading reading... Thank's for the notes to both of you. Appreciated.
  10. Hi @Pixey, Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately the "Stray Pixel Remover" plugin removes pixels surrounded by transparent ones. Plugin intro: When I use the magic wand, some pixels aren't deleted. The plugin deletes them, if they are surrounded by transparent pixels. In my case the white areas are surrounded by other colors, those of the hair. Need a tool or process to replace the white pixels by transparent pixels. Kind of a selective eraser if I can say so. Will continue to search the forum.
  11. Hello everyone, Newbie here so please bear with me if the question is basic. Using PDN 4.1.3 Did read the FAQ, Popular Feature requests and online help. Also searched the forum and Plugins section. Maybe my word choice is not appropriate... Just think that it's a "behind the keyboard" problem... ? What I am doing: As the title say I am currently cleaning the background of pictures for a collage. Magic wand takes cares of about everything easely. Purely white background pictures helps a lot. My pro
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