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  1. I say looped around as in: the chosen effect, such as Gaussian blur, bleeds through the wall of the entire image/selection as if it were a tiled image, so it would naturally smooth it out. I usually make it a 3x3 tiled image to do this manually, but I feel as if someone would have made a plugin for this convoluted method or I overlooked a feature. (it's hard to show an example of I mean through screenshots, but I hope you understand now.) I usually use a noise effect along with a Gaussian blur to help make some textures and actually use the second method to make the slightly blurred image. This actually helps a lot, thanks! Though I wish the effect bled through to the opposite side... I'll look into these two, thank you!
  2. I sometimes work on "looping" textures for a Minecraft texture pack (ha don't judge, thanks), and when I use any blur or distortion effect, the edges of the image are always obvious to spot. I've looked around for something that would loop effects around to fix this in the program itself and online, but for the life of me I can not find anything! I have a temporary solution where I copy the image into a 3x3 grid of itself, using the effect, and taking the one in the middle... this solution seems a little convoluted though. I could very well just be blind and overlooked something that allows me to do this, or perhaps I don't even have a good keyword that describes this. Is there a feature or some obscure plugin that I overlooked that can achieve what I'm looking for? Thank you in advance!
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