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  1. The new PDN update seems to have fixed my issue with the icons, and this plugin pack has proved very useful for me so far, and my computer remains the same as it was, as far as I can see. Is it crucial that I delete it, or might I still be able to continue even with the suspicion it could perhaps be Megalo?
  2. That did work, but unfortunately, the plugin pack I installed seems to have just been a .zip pack with heaps of different plugins in, instead of being one pack of plugins, so all of the plugins are just their own respective names from their original uploader. Thanks, though.
  3. Thank you, I'm not entirely sure what the pack was, but I did download it from here, the unfortunate part is that since I've not saved the plugin's page, and don't know the name of it, I can't find it to update it or see if there're any known issues.
  4. Would reverting my version work then? Or should I wait for the next update and hope it's fixed?
  5. I've been using Paint.NET for about 3 years now, it's been doing everything as it should, running fine, and I've been making a lot of images recently, I like to save a PNG and PDN copy of each image I make, just so I have the option to edit out any mistakes I inevitably make. Just recently, as of yesterday (22/10/18), the PDN image previews just gave up, normally I get a nice preview of both so that I can see what's what. How it should look: How it looks instead: I save the PDN files as (2), and PNG as (1), and now suddenly there are errors in keeping the image icons there, this probably wouldn't normally be a problem, but it becomes quite confusing when you're trying to navigate to the correct image through the hundreds of Paint.NET icons. I did see a post about this previously, but an admin just said they would patch it or something, but my program is fully up-to-date, and runs fine normally, I have installed a plugin pack that comes with a lot of effects and tools, it's run fine for the three-or-so years it's been installed, so I assume it's nothing to do with that. Is this problem common? Is there something I should be changing around for it to work?