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  1. My request is actually simpler, and I do want to choose the type of tear (fade out, tear, seamless). Sometimes, I want to show that a cutout has occurred.
  2. TechSmith's SnagIt has this feature. They call it, "cut out". Their description is better than mine, "Delete vertical or horizontal sections out of an image and join the two pieces together." Basically, there are 2 main aspects of this functionality... You select either a direction [vertical or horizontal] and style [abrupt, fade, or tear]. You select a starting point and an endpoint that goes top-to-bottom [for vertical] or left-to-right [for horizontal]. On the selection of the second-click [endpoint], the entire selected region is cropped. The "edges" are style
  3. First, I apologize for posting this. I've been unsuccessful in my searches, and I'm just hoping that someone can point me in the right direction. I've used SnagIt in the past for screenshots, and one feature that was extremely useful was the ability to do a cutout/fold-overr/omit/... an entire horizontal or vertical region with some optional fading on the region that was cut out. For example, if you had an Excel spreadsheet that had 10 rows and columns A ... K. You take the entire screenshot, but then when editing it in Paint.net, you want to remove columns D..M and you want to
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