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  1. Hello @Pixey, while trying to login with a different browser I realized I could either enter the display name or the email address. Since my browser chose to save the latter, I tried it with my display name... and it worked! I'm happy now ? and thank you for the warm welcome! cheers, chi
  2. Hello, as soon as I 'Sign Out' from the forum and want to login again, I get the message that my password is wrong, although it was previously saved by my browser (also re-entering doesn't work). So I have to click on 'Forgot Password' every time and change the PW whenever I want to login to the forum... That kinda sucks ? Remedy? anyone? Windows7 x64, Waterfox 56.2.3 x64, no problems with other forum sites...
  3. Nice to hear that! (the 'fixed' part ofc ?) Any chance to move me back to Plugins - Publishing ONLY!?
  4. CodeLab generated that file... I didn't even touch it (always copied the dll manually). Anyway, I fixed it and uploaded the file again
  5. (Un)PreMultiply the RGB channels with the alpha channel