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  1. Hello @Pixey, while trying to login with a different browser I realized I could either enter the display name or the email address. Since my browser chose to save the latter, I tried it with my display name... and it worked! I'm happy now ? and thank you for the warm welcome! cheers, chi
  2. Hello, as soon as I 'Sign Out' from the forum and want to login again, I get the message that my password is wrong, although it was previously saved by my browser (also re-entering doesn't work). So I have to click on 'Forgot Password' every time and change the PW whenever I want to login to the forum... That kinda sucks ? Remedy? anyone? Windows7 x64, Waterfox 56.2.3 x64, no problems with other forum sites...
  3. chi77

    PreMultiply Alpha

    Nice to hear that! (the 'fixed' part ofc ?) Any chance to move me back to Plugins - Publishing ONLY!?
  4. chi77

    PreMultiply Alpha

    CodeLab generated that file... I didn't even touch it (always copied the dll manually). Anyway, I fixed it and uploaded the file again
  5. (Un)PreMultiply the RGB channels with the alpha channel