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  1. I am still a relatively new paint.net user...scratch that, I AM a new paint.net user. I downloaded paint.net a few days ago with the intention of creating speech bubbles to use for my pics, After completely missing the shape tool and downloading dpy's speech bubble plugin, liking the plugin for the most part and then learning you actually can do the speech bubbles with the shape tool after I was somewhat disappointed by the limited options for the speech bubble plugin's tail options, I was wondering, using the shapemaker, is there a way to get the shapes into there so I can create speech bubbles with more tail options easily without having to try drawing? (I suck at drawing...at least, I think I do, so I'd rather use premade tools)
  2. If the creator is still around, I have a few suggestions that could make using the tail of the bubble better for other angles.
  3. Even if I simply want to add a few more directions for the....tail that's used to show who is talking and where the speech is coming from?
  4. Thinking of getting this so I can edit dpy's speech bubble plugin for my own personal use. Problem is...I have no idea how to code. Does this work as a text editor using nodepad/notepad++ ?
  5. I had to open an account here just so I could say thank you so much for the speech bubble plug in. If you take suggestions, I have one small suggestion for allowing more places to put the direction. Or, if possible, is there a way I can edit the plugin using something like notepad to add in other directions?
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