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  1. Maybe you already have it installed? Or some file is still on your pc? I recommend you get "winrar" its a software that helps you export the correct files. Once you get to the PDN download site download for a 32 bit or 64 bit, if you wanna check yours type "information" and it will show you. After that, depending what you are using if you're using google the download box should appear on the bottom left corner, then click on the button that shows more options (its right by the download box) and then click open file location, after that find paint.net installer in there, then extract all. (Desktop is probably the best option for extracting) once you finish extracting it, click on the installer and then it will start downloading. (if i was not clear enough please let me know.)
  2. Whenever I use the fill bucket I've been using the line tool and the brush tool, I have also tried the pencil tool but somehow it still will not fill correctly, it will either end up filling the entire canvas and other things. Do you think the select tool could help? (EDIT) Thank you guys, I have solved the problem.
  3. How do you change your profile picture? I am new to the forums and I need help.
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