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  1. This is what I have done so far using the "Kill Color Keeper v 1.2" plugin + Adjustments > Brightness / Contrast and the "eraser" tool to clean few details. However the lines are so "noisy" and I don't know how to make them look like a nice stroke.
  2. Hi everyone. I hope you all well in this very uncertain times! I have fast draw a freehand image in a piece of paper and have scanned the first draft just to see how the process works. I have cleaned the white background using the "magick wand" tool. From here I start getting lost since I see that the sketche is a little light on screen and just by doubling the layer is not enough to have a precise line. Is there a plugin that can map out and add color to the lines or I have to go by hand using "Line&Curve" tool to accomplish a nice line for the design? Most of my designs are for coloring and for this reason I don't need to mess with colors. However I need to learn the best protocol to turn my hand drawn designs into a nice image for printing. Now, some of my drawing are more sofisticated and contains geometric shapes (mandalas, etc), so to speed up my workflow is there a tool to quickly map out my sketches? Many Thanks
  3. Wow! That's so beautiful. It's almost what I'm looking for. I still need it to be more like the images I have attached to the above post. I have downloaded the plugins for another project that I'll be doing later on. It's really awesome!!! What do you mean by the "AA option"?
  4. Many Many thanks. Very helpful instructions you gave me. I learned a lot! Now, for the copper color, the result I'm looking for is in the image above. The gold needs to be a bit more realistic and more shiny. If I could achieve the same result that are on the images I have attached then I'd be more than happy.
  5. Very interesting effect. This is one of the images that I'm trying to change to gold. Also, I need to turn it to" copper color" like it was a electronic circuit, but for me it's getting very difficult to create a realistic and shiny effect with my basic knowledge. That's also my reason for asking for a plugin. I tryed to use the plugin you suggestd with this same image, but I don't get the "gold" you achieved. I believe if I turn this image to gray like your trophy, maybe I will see the effect, right? I tried with other gray images I have and it was fine. I see I can use it for another project I have. I'm still looking for a more realistic and shiny gold effect for the image I uploaded here.
  6. Thank You very much...the plugins were very helpful!
  7. Hi everyone. I was searching for a plugin to make something (text and images) gold. However I could not find it. The only things I found were tutorials to achieve it. I need to turn many materials to gold and silver that's why I'd love to know if there is a simple plugin that takes care of adding a gold/shine effect to something to make things easier. In case this does not exist: Is there anyone on our forum that could create a simple plugin to do it? Many Thanks
  8. Hi Hi HyRez, how have you done the frame of this picture? Is there a plugin that helps to accomplish it?
  9. You're right and I apologize for my excitement! I really did got so excited by all the help I got on this Forum. It was just amazing how generous people have helped here!!!
  10. Thank You ALL who have helped me out. It was an awesome experience I had here! I have learned a lot and you guys Really Do ROCK!!!!!!
  11. THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!! Also, I've learned a new thing with you!
  12. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!! THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED AND NEEDED TO CREATE!!!!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>MANY MANY THANKS<<<<<<<<<<<<<< HyReZ, however the only thing that I need to fix on your image are the lines. The lines are not sharp and clear. I need it to be, minium, like the one that I have above your post. How can I solve this on your image?
  13. SOOOO BEAUTIFUUUUUULLLLLLL!!!!! I'm going to download your suggestions to see what I can achieve for my design project. Many Thanks!!!!!!!! II'd love to start over a page full of "Flower of Life" created by one of these plugins and from this base create my design. In other words as a background I need to have it to be full of "Flowers of Life". Once I achieve it I can start the creative aspect of the equation. I'd love to achieve it easily and not just "copy and past" to the canvas. I hope it makes sense.
  14. WOW!!! You gave me so many ideas! I have no words thank you!
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