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  1. I have noticed that when I try to switch from one application using the taskbar icons, I have to be careful to click the Paint.NET taskbar icon instead of hovering the mouse cursor over the icon. If I hover over the Paint.NET icon, the Paint.NET user interface displays on the screen and I might click on one of the image projects I have already opened, but instead of allowing me to work continue working with that project, windows switches back to whatever app I was using, such as a browser. Afterward, when I manage to carefully mouse click the Paint.NET tray icon, I can select a currently
  2. Thanks for the info. I suspected there was some configuration issues. Just had another crash. Black screen and long wait. Rebooted and tried again with same screen. Powered off again by holding the power button for about 30 seconds after shutdown to clear the capacitors. Powered on after about a minute and checked my log files. DistributedCOM issues. Checked for MS updates and rebooted after the install of KB4023057: Update for Windows 10 Update Service components. Crash log attached pdncrash.4.log
  3. Jeeze H. Microsoft can't be trusted. Thanks for catching that.
  4. Ouch. I suppose I will have to manually check for drivers. Thanks!
  5. Thanks, I let Windows auto update most drivers. Did my diagnostic's log show an out of date driver for the Intel UHD 630 on board card, or were you just cautioning me to check?
  6. TFTR. I repaired, reset, and then uninstalled the Paint.net app. I did, however, save the Diagnostics file. Paint dot net diag 042921.txt
  7. Paint.net crashed twice today while working with layers. A rather large error file popped on the screen and Paint.net suddenly closed seconds later. I had zero time tp read the multiple lines of text. I did manage to see that the title of the message was about a Paint.net error. I reopened Paint.net and navigated to the Settings area and copied the diagnostic report. When I clicked on "Open the Crash Log Folder," I saw that the two Crash Log files existed, but there was 0 kb of data for both files. I opened each one and there was no data. A few months ago, I tried finding crash logs
  8. Really strange behavior. My laptop is a supposedly high quality computer with good graphics, but only 16gb of memory. Technicians at Microcenter say it's plenty.
  9. I uninstalled/reinstalled Paint.net tonight. After reading several posts about various troubleshooting topics, I navigated to the Program Files and opened the paint.net folder. There are no files there and my Explorer view settings allow me to see hidden files. Is a previous installation with my current installation of paint.net?
  10. I have been experiencing intermittent bugs in two areas of the user interface in the main window. Specifically, the tabbed list of thumbnail images and the layers window. There are no crash logs when I check for issues. I copied the diagnostic log. There are no error messages. The issues do not occur every time. It does not matter how many images I am working with or how many other MS Windows apps or browsers are open, the problem is unpredictable. I cannot purposely replicate the problem. There are two specific problems, and they both occur at the same time - if one proble
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