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  1. Thank you! It works for what I'm wanting, but it's slow. Maybe I haven't used it enough to get the full effect. So I can produce two more "widgets" each time, rather than producing double or entering how many I want. I'll work with it more! If there are other options, please continue to share. Super quick response btw, most appreciated! ***EDIT*** I increased the distance out to max and was able to create more replicas, went from 2 to 7. So it was user error! Works much better!
  2. It's been a few years since I really dug into PDN and all of the plugins available. Having said that, seems like there was an array plugin at one time and I've searched the term in the index with no result (also multiply and copy). What I'm looking to do is, take a single image and array it horizontally, or an option vertically. So in effect, turning one widget into X number of widgets. Make sense? So I have a tree and selecting that tree, then the array effect, defining I want to copy it 20 times horizontally in the positive direction. Hope this makes sense and thank you in advance for your help!