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  1. oh THAT might be the problem - haven't tried yet - but will immediately 🙂 thanks!
  2. Hi, every time I open the forums, I sign in (yes, I am able to type my pwd correctly...) and every time the first login attempt gets stopped with "wrong password" error and immediately (after one single login attempt) I receive an email that my account is locked due to 3 wrong login attempts. Then I click "forgot" password and reset the password to the very same password I had before. Then I can login. Browser close. New Browser. Login. Locked. every time. I am using Chrome, latest version, and no matter whether I use my stored passwor
  3. Thanks for your replies, seems you know what you're talking about 🙂 Only thing I can not read out of your comments is the answer to the question, whether it would be possible to write such a filetype extension. There is an extension existing for .ico files which is also a very common file format and contains multiple images from all the layers. Could you be so kind to explain a bit that thing about "given streams" and that topics?
  4. Hey there, there do exist several exporters for gimp, inkscape, illustrator and so on. Is there a plug-in or other thing available to export my multi-layered image in a way, spine can understand, like it does with gimp images? gimp has an awful UI and is all but user friendly. I would prefer paint.net a million times over gimp or inkscape. I google'd and searched through the forums here but had no success with keywords like esoteric (the makers of spine) or spine itself. any hints appreciated! Here is a github repo from esoteric softwar
  5. Fortunately our admin had a backup of the file, so yes, I have the previous version. It was saved on my personal user-share (domain folder), so behind the scenes a NFS synced drive. Saved locally in first place but synced to the domain. I just did some of yesterday's changes again, saved it, and now I can open it again... Seems it was a one-time effect but nonetheless scary that this can happen... Never had this before and I use paint.net for many many MANY years now. I attached the original file and the modified (correct) file here again for now, maybe y
  6. I have a multilayer-file (25+ Layers) where I added some more and hit Ctrl-S Some time later I tried to re-open it and paint.net gives me this DivisionByZero-Exception: System.DivideByZeroException: Es wurde versucht, durch 0 (null) zu teilen. bei PaintDotNet.MemoryBlock.PaintDotNet.Serialization.IDeferredSerializable.FinishDeserialization(Stream input, DeferredFormatter formatter) in D:\src\pdn\src\Core\MemoryBlock.cs:Zeile 643. bei PaintDotNet.Serialization.DeferredFormatter.FinishDeserialization(Stream input) in D:\src\pdn\src\Core\Serialization\DeferredFormatter.
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