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  1. They are for almost all intents and purposes synonymous, since 90% of Norwegians write in the Bokmål literary standard, which is a combination of Old Danish and the greater Oslo dialects. There is a subset of Norwegians, around 10%, and especially on the south-west coast around Bergen, that instead uses the Nynorsk literary standard, which is based on rural farmer dialects. There are therefore some purposes (mostly internal to Norway, though also in the cases of huge programs like VLC, WordPress and Windows) where Bokmål and Nynorsk versions should be differentiated. Bu
  2. Ah, okay. Here's the RESX file (in the attachment). And the Crowdin ID is https://crowdin.com/profile/DandelionSprout. Norwegian translation RESX.zip
  3. I do have an account on Crowdin (DandelionSprout), though I didn't find out that Paint.net could be translated there until after I had finished translating the .resx file. But of course it'd be nice to get to update it casually in the future, so I guess I can be added to the Crowdin project for Paint.net, then.
  4. I've made a 100% completed Norwegian translation of Paint.net (inside the attached ZIP folder), which I'm hoping could be included in the next version of Paint.net, unless you guys think that I need to make any changes to it. In the meantime (before the update in which this translation would be applied), I guess that curious people (presumably Norwegians) can also download the file for manual use. Norwegian translation.zip
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